Our company is a supplier providing commercial buildings with solutions for interior air quality problems. We can provide the advanced products for purifying, controlling the dust, medium filtering as well as the leading non-ionizing “polarized-media” technology in the industry. Our products can be installed in the commercial buildings which are completed and under construction, to clean and purify the interior air with the combination of their central air conditioning and ventilation system. Airpool headquarters is located in Texas, Airpool's excellent engineers of HVAC and purifying technology constantly provide inspiration and innovation power, which keeps the high quality of products and good service all the time. We devote ourselves to becoming the leader of interior air purify technology for commercial buildings in North America, and we will never stop seeking new and improved methods to maximum the efficiency, for the purpose of respecting our environment and improving the air quality.

We remind people that we need not only a household environment with pure air, but also a commercial environment with excellent air quality, such as office buildings, schools, hotels, and markets and so on. Airpool’s commercial purification products can meet the needs of different types of commercial buildings and realize the purification of the air in the entire commercial building.

Airpool’s products are selling to North American, European, and Asian areas and its production bases are found in the United States and Asia.


We are committed to being a leader in commercial air quality solution, to never stop seeking new and improved ways to maximize efficiency, respect our environment, and ensure our indoor air is as pure as it can possibly be.