Portable purifier


This is a portable air purifier can be placed at home or office to purify indoor air pollution particles and, TVOC, this purifier capable of removing 99% of the bacteria, and virus particles. 

  • Advanced design that fits into any interior
  • Simple device appearance, easy to carry
  • Dual Voltage dust
  • Automatic detection of air quality 
  • Three-speed fan, automatic or manual adjustment
  • Timing function
  • Do not need to replace the filter, simply wash 

Polluted indoor air is cleaned in three successive phases.

Phase 1: First, coarse dust and other polluting particles, such as human and animal hair and skin flakes, are captured in the prefilter.
Phase 2: The electrostatic main filter then removes the remaining smaller particles, from as small as 0.01 micron (= 0.00001mm!). The electrostatic filter works by means of a static (electric)         charge. Particles with a like charge, positive or negative, repel each other while particles with an opposite charge attract each other. The polluted air first flows through the ionisation section, under a tension of more than 8 000 V. This imparts a positive charge to the polluting particles. It then passes the collector section where the pollution is deposited. The charged polluting particles are attracted by the earthed plates and adhere to them.
Phase 3: The activated carbon filter finally adsorbs the unpleasant odours.

The electrostatic air cleaner gives a much better performance.


Permanent washing filter

Captures airborne allergense by 95%, and reduces viruses and bacteria by 90% within 2 hours of operation

Whisper quiet setting, compact size that is both energy star

Reduces household oders