Airpool Technologies warranties all parts and labor for one full year from date of installation.
Service calls can be scheduled via our website or call our office, See our Services page for service pricing information.
Airpool Technologies will not be held liable for any “Acts of God.”
Moving or tampering of installed products will void warranty.
Manufacturer products purchased through Airpool TTechnologies have a 90 day replacement guarantee.Any defective issues that occur past the 90 days will fall under the manufacturers warranty.
Airpool Technologies will not warranty any customer provided products. Customer will deal directly with the manufacturer. Standard labor rates apply for any re-installation of customer provided products.
Airpool Technologies will charge standard service rates for trouble shooting customer provided products.
Airpool Technologies will not warranty and cannot be held liable for any work done by a third party installation company ie: Direct Tv, DishNetwork, Time Warner cable, ATT etc.Any issues related to cable/satellite reception or internet connection must be dealt with directly with the provider.
Airpool Technologies may have installed a system that requires a strong and consistent internet connection to function properly. Please contact your provider for all related internet service issues. Any service calls that arise from poor internet connections will be billed out at normal standard labor rates.